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“I realised that wellness is journey. I found rituals my everyday life and wanted to share some of my practices and products that have helped me balance the hecticness of travel, work and life.”

Product development at Essa is truly personal — we start with our own lives to understand what could be useful for a modern woman today. Being a model and now an entrepreneur I’ve had to find how to balance between life and work. There have been times in the past where I often looked and felt tired, sometimes felt overwhelmed.

I asked myself why am I always putting myself last? How can I be in my best form long term if I don’t nurture myself?

I realized the importance of putting myself first. Nurturing myself and value of some daily rituals, supporting my body with the right nutrients with vitamins and protein to support the immune system, sport and to balance my mind I did meditation.

And more so after I started to talk about this experience with other women I realized I wasn't alone. It became important to me to start a conversation about health and wellbeing and realized the power of sharing my journey and listening of other women’s stories. My wish is to create a community for women where we talk about the importance of our own wellbeing, where we can learn about it all.

I was really inspired to create and share the products I use in my everyday life to support my body and to be in the best form. We launched our first product Essablend Vegan Protein a few months ago and now are about to introduce two more products that can become part of your everyday healthy and beauty routine. We have been working together with experts to ensure the best quality and results.

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