Why take protein?


Protein powders are considered to be the most popular dietary supplements in the world, so it is worth getting to know them in many ways, as not only the amount we use in our bank account can affect the product we use, but also something much more important, and that is our health. Essa world believes in thorough research, so we decided to show you what protein is good for, so you can decide for yourself if you need it in your daily life.

Why take it?

When it comes to the positive qualities of the protein, we can hardly overdo it. Protein is responsible for the condition of our bones, muscles and skin, but it is also used by our body to produce hormones, enzymes and other important chemicals. So the right amount of protein is essential to make us feel fit and healthy. If you feel weak and tired during exercise, or recovery after a workout is slow, it is likely that there is not enough protein in your body.

For nineteen-year-old women, the generally recommended amount of protein is 46 grams per day, compared to 56 grams for men. However, this recommendation is a fairly general guideline, so everyone should find the ideal amount for them.

How much protein your body needs depends on many factors. Such as gender, age, physique, health status, lifestyle. A good example is that some research shows that those who exercise intensively can consume up to twice as much protein as those who do not exercise regularly. Protein can range from 15 to 30% of a daily caloric intake, depending on the needs of the individual.

Of course, protein powder is not our only source of protein, it can be found in a lot of food, but if we choose a convenient, tasty and most of all fast way to pure protein intake, there is hardly a more effective solution. This method can be very helpful for athletes, older people, vegetarians, vegans and anyone who has trouble getting the amount of calories they need.

When you choose protein powders! In this case, it would be a logical step to choose a protein powder that also contains superfoods, as they also contain valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

What is the effect of protein powders?

In addition to carbohydrates and fats, protein is also one of the macronutrients that supply the body with amino acids. Our bodies need twenty kinds of amino acids that are linked together in an almost infinite way, forming amino acid sequences, to fulfill their many roles in the human body. However, a source of protein can only be considered complete if it contains the nine most important amino acids that our body cannot produce.

When it comes to development and growth, proteins play a big role throughout the body. In addition to muscle growth, proteins play an essential role in the growth and regeneration of cells and tissues, including skin, hair, nails, bones, and body fluids. It is also responsible for blood clotting, immune responses, vision, and the production of various enzymes and hormones.

Regardless of the source of the protein, our goal is to break down the proteins into amino acids before sending them to the liver for processing and assembly into new amino acid sequences - according to the needs of our body.

Because the tissues and cells in our body are constantly renewed, there is no moment when we don’t need protein. For example, certain proteins provide a structural structure to the brain, nervous system, bloodstream, skin, and hair. Others promote the production of antibodies that strengthen the immune system in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Other proteins aid in DNA replication, chemical reactions, and the transport of other molecules.

With protein powders, we can ensure that these vital processes take place in our body under optimal conditions. Simply put, protein powders can support the healthy functioning of our body. Although proper protein intake helps our bodies in many ways, protein powders have been proven to be easier to maintain our body weight, strengthen our muscles and are also an effective method for post-workout regeneration.

Maintaining a healthy weight

Protein powder is a useful tool if we want to maintain our weight, because if we consume it, the feeling of satiety lasts longer and we don’t feel hungry for a long time. Protein not only reduces the amount of ghrelin, the so-called hunger hormone, but also stimulates the production of hormones that make us feel full. Increasing our protein intake with protein powders not only reduces our appetite but also speeds up our metabolism.
If we are satisfied and we are full, we will catch up with smaller portions and want less unhealthy snacks. In addition to helping our body get energy from body fat, protein powder is a convenient and cunning way to replace snacks between meals and is a great way to maintain our weight and even lose weight!

Muscle building

Most people are aware that protein is key to muscle growth. Research also supports the need for protein supplements to increase muscle mass and muscle strength in healthy adults who exercise regularly with weights. But if we don’t get enough protein, our body won’t be able to regenerate and our muscle mass will decrease.
While maintaining or increasing our muscle mass is essential to looking fit and strong, it is much more than just looking good! With a little extra muscle, our metabolism will speed up, our mental well-being will be better, we will have more energy, the risk of injury will decrease and we will age healthier. A post-workout protein smoothie is a multi-winning idea!

Regeneration after training

The primary function of the protein is cell formation and cell regeneration, including muscle cells that have been damaged during exercise. In addition to aiding in muscle growth, protein powder also supports the regeneration of such damaged muscles and tissues and muscle protein replication.
This is one of the most beneficial benefits of using protein: it speeds up recovery, reduces post-workout muscle spasms, so you can get back to the gym faster and reach your goals in less time.
Combining protein with carbohydrates before and after a workout can further increase your performance, speed up your recovery even more, and reduce the intensity of your muscle fever for days to come. This diet hack will help you work out more often and get you to your healthy lifestyle goals faster, and all of this is as easy as making a vanilla protein ball, one of Vanessa’s favorites.

Do you need protein powder?

Now that you know how versatile protein and protein powder are, you can think about whether you can incorporate them into your lifestyle and how they can benefit you. While it has many beneficial properties from supporting muscle regeneration to strengthening your immune system, you alone can decide if this is the solution for you.
There are plenty of brands to choose from in the market, some of them are good ones. It’s a good idea to check carefully which ingredients it contains so you can make sure you’ve really invested in quality protein powder. The sound slogans are not always backed by the best quality ingredients, so we recommend that you compare Essa to other products.

We think Essa protein powder is the perfect vegan protein. Made from six types of plant proteins and ten types of Super Green and Super Red plant and fruit ingredients, it is an effective answer to all the challenges of a modern woman’s lifestyle. The powder-based Essablend contains six types of pure, high-quality plant-based protein. After careful scientific consideration and analysis, a plant protein composition consisting of peas, rice, pumpkin, sunflower, flax and chia seeds forms the basis of our blend. All three flavors - vanilla, salted caramel and cocoa cinnamon - are sublime, an excellent ingredient for shakes and smoothies.