Vanessa's favourite products

The perfect Beauty & Wellness Menu by Vanessa

Allow us to present to you a menu crafted by our founder, Vanessa, where she shares her preferred product selections for skincare, makeup, wellness, and, of course, fitness.

"In my journey through modeling over the past few years, I've discovered what truly works for my skin, face, and body, with valuable insights from professionals. This journey gave birth to Essa World as well. 

Amongst the busiest moments in my career, I gained crucial knowledge about the vitamins required to support my immune system, skin, hair, and nails. Vegan protein also became a staple in my routine, and I sought the perfect formula to share with all of you here in Hungary and across Europe. These are products that I hold dear, as they have proven their efficacy for me, and I'm delighted to share them with everyone.

So, whether you're new to these topics or simply intrigued by my selections, I hope you'll come to cherish these products as much as I do." - Vanessa Axente

🥗 Appetizers: Vanessa's Skincare Delights

"Skincare is a cherished part of my morning ritual. While I enjoy experimenting with new products, these are the ones that consistently earn a place in my routine."




🍣 Main Courses: Vanessa's Makeup Magic

"What I adore about makeup is its ability to create a 'no-makeup' look. With these products, you can effortlessly achieve a flawless, natural appearance in just 15 minutes, ready to face the day or night."



🍦 Desserts: Vanessa's Wellness & Fitness Treats

"Two things I can't imagine my life without are my daily fitness and wellness routines. They are my sources of joy, providing both mental and physical stability, and they help boost those feel-good hormones. I always seek products that are lightweight and travel-friendly to support my active lifestyle."