Give it a rest

In December, it's no surprise that one can easily feel exhausted from all the family gatherings, preparations, and programs involved.

That’s why now more than any other time of the year, it’s important to set aside time to rest. And rest doesn’t just mean not doing anything. For me, that’s actually counterproductive—I get stressed because I’m worried I’m not being productive enough. Instead, consciously set aside time for yourself.

Rest comes in many forms, and done right, it gives your body and mind the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate.



5 types of rest:

1️⃣ Physical rest

This doesn’t just mean sitting down, or having a nap (although there’s a time and place for both of those. It also includes restorative activities, such as stretching, or going for a slow, contemplative walk.


2️⃣ Mental rest

Notifications are designed to stimulate our brains, so unplug and give your brain a break. There are different levels, from five minutes of meditation, to turning off your notifications, to logging off social media for a week, so do what feels comfortable.


3️⃣ Emotional rest

Self-care is essential here. It’s different for everyone, and only you know what will be best for you. Personally, journalling, gratitude, and spending time in nature help me reflect and recuperate.



4️⃣ Sensory rest

Run a deep, hot bath and sink into it. Or if like me, you hate baths, a long hot shower. It doesn’t even have to be wash-related. Turn your phone off and put on a relaxing playlist. 


5️⃣ Creative rest

When was the last time you did something creative, just for the sake of it? Create something just for yourself and not for a specific purpose: is it maybe drawing? Making a bracelet? Or even decorating a cake that you baked? You name it.



Go and dive deep into these resting options and observe how you feel afterwards.