The 10-3-2-1 method for better sleep

Want to have a better sleep at night and a more energetic morning?

Try this 10-3-2-1 method for a better night and morning routine. Note, that this method should become a routine for the best result. Sleep should be a routine of which we all forget. 

10 hours before bed:

coffee, caffeine, energy

No more caffeine. It is best if you avoid caffeine in the late afternoon and in the evening. Caffeinated drinks will clear from the blood stream in around 10 hours and eliminate the stimulatory effects.

I try to have my last coffee around 1 pm to ensure it won't affect me at night. Of course there are exceptions, but I do feel it in the evenings as well. If I know I'm past 2 or 3 pm I just skip the afternoon coffee and guess what? I do fall asleep easier and sleep better. And trust me, I am a coffee "lover" so I would never miss an opportunity to have coffee. 

3 hours before bed:

food, digestion, dinner

No more food or alcohol. This allows some digestion to occur and you won’t be up at night with indigestion or acid reflux.

Growing up in Hungary I am used to early dinners and I much prefer to go to bed not feeling full from dinner. Culture impacts when and how you eat dinner, but it is much better to give time for your body to digest and calm down.

2 hours before bed:

work, sleep, low energy, bedtime

No more work. Stop all work, such as checking emails, taking calls. No one should take calls after 7 PM. Write a list of remaining tasks for the next day. If you don't stop, your brain will be awake when you are in bed and trying to fall asleep.

In this fast paced world it is hard to switch off, also because we are pressured to always be available. But it is important to have the time when you switch off and you create boundaries. 

1 hour before bed:

phone, bedtime, switch off, better sleep

No more screen time. Shut off all phones, TVs and computers. Blue light disrupts body’s natural sleep cycle. Make sure you keep your phone away from you so you won’t be tempted to keep checking it. This will also help you to get out of bed in the morning when your alarm goes off. Set do not disturb from 9 PM.

It is probably the hardest for all of us but I really try not to be on my phone at least one hour before I go to bed. Scrolling on social media can impact my mood and that does not help me to fall asleep either. Instead I choose to read a book. 


I hope you will find this method helpful and you will create a better sleep routine.