How to fit fitness into your busy schedule

7 clever tricks you can use to incorporate your workout into your everyday life

"It's not going to work now." "I just don’t have time today/can’t make it work." "Tomorrow." These excuses sound familiar, don't they? Many of us tend to procrastinate when it comes to training, and the reasons are clear: we have little free time, we are busy, and exercise is the activity we can most easily sacrifice. We study, work, date, hang out with friends, live in a relationship - or even several of them are true for us at the same time - the situation is that our free time is finite and busy. Nevertheless, many are able to make exercise a part of their daily lives, even though they don’t have much more time than we do. How do they do it? The trick is prioritization. If we want to move regularly as well, keeping the chances of procrastination to a minimum, let us draw inspiration from these eight clever methods!

Keep it short/quick

When it comes to fitness, consistency is key. It is not necessary to sweat for an hour every single day, if we do only a quarter of an hour of intense training a day, it can also bring serious results in the long run!

Do you commute? Use it!

How much do you commute between your place of residence and your school / workplace? Is it possible to walk down? Can you ride a bike in the meantime? If you’re farther away, you might be able to get off a stop or two earlier and walk or even run the last few kilometers. It’s worth realizing that you can move around not just in the gym, but almost anywhere - let the world be your gym! If you find the opportunity to exercise a little each day, you’ve already embarked on the path to a fit lifestyle.

Put it in your calendar!

If you put something on your calendar, it already seems a lot more formal, more real, right? After all, we don’t cancel a meeting if it’s booked and we take our date with the dentist seriously. So let’s find a place to workout in our calendar, just like any other program, and stick with it!

Get the most out of your weekend!

Do you like the weekend? We do as well. After all, we don't have to work on weekends - at least for the lucky ones - we relax, unwind and recharge. We have more time for everything on Saturdays and Sundays, but if we don’t pay attention, precious time can flow out of our hands like sand. If we plan and are forward-thinking, we can easily incorporate movement into our routine on the weekends as well. These two days are a valuable period, because we have the opportunity to train for a longer period of time and even outdoors.
After a Saturday morning run or gym, the evening parting will also get better, and if we pick up our heart rate on Sunday, we’ll start the next week full of energy.

You need a team!

Do you have a fitness word that you would love to try, but you still don't want to go alone? Then this is the perfect time to invite your best friend. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to spend quality time with each other and our friends, but a joint workout is a great opportunity to talk a lot and work on your body. If you are called to one, don't say no - just for the reasons above. You can even train together on a regular basis, each other’s company is motivating, and we don’t cancel the program as easily when a friend is in the picture. Whether it’s a hike in the woods or a sweat in the gym, a friend always comes in handy!

Move during lunch break!

Many of us work at a desk and sit all day or prepare for exams sitting on a chair for hours, so it would be helpful sometimes not to spend our lunch time moving from our desk to a dining table. It’s a clever office fitness hack if we’re spending our lunch time walking or jogging and eating lunch while sitting back at our desk. In addition to enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, we can also spin up our pulse and cut into the afternoon full of fresh energy.

Train with your date!

Have you ever played sports with someone from whom your heart rate jumped to the skies? We think it’s a good project to organize a date in a gym, but if you come up with a run or crossfit workout with your partner, it can also be a great time to get to know the other person from a new perspective. Working out with your date, you become more attractive in each other’s eyes, your relationship becomes more intimate, which can also deepen the relationship. Training together can also be a classic case of “more birds in one go”!